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A Message from Live Baltimore's Executive Director

Steve Gondol, Executive Director

Living directly on Patterson Park, I have the privilege of witnessing the change of its inhabitants on a daily basis. I’m not referring to my neighbors or friends, but to the “winged” inhabitants that call the park home or at least a stopover as part of a larger journey.

When my son, Vincent; dog, Ferris; and I head into the park for our daily morning walk, the avian community’s constant fluctuations leave us with questions such as:

Where are they coming from? How long will they stay? Where are they going? Why did they leave?

These very questions can be transposed to our work at Live Baltimore. By understanding the migratory patterns of prospective, current, and former residents, can we affect how many more people choose to move here and stay here? Our answer is yes. We can effect this change.

The attributes and amenities that attract seem to be broad and easily identifiable. Growing with new neighbors is something we are doing well. But as circumstances change and needs evolve, are residents staying in touch with the resources and valuable offerings here for them? Our belief is no, but not for the fact they don’t exist. Perhaps the path of delivery simply isn’t as apparent.

For 17 years Live Baltimore has strived to eliminate barriers to informational resources, overcome outside perceptions, and instill civic pride in our residents. We ensure our delivery of our information is clear.

Whether it’s the family on your block, or the empty-nester couple whose home seems much quieter now, the newly badged police officer, or the aspiring tech entrepreneur, you can be certain that we are working to grow our city with residents like them. We have aggressive plans to “flip the script” on Baltimore’s story and we want you with us when we do.

Our annual report reveals our approach, showcases our successes, and previews our work going forward. While we are achieving much, we want more.

The exciting part of my morning walk isn’t witnessing the rare birds resting their wings before continuing their journey, it’s taking notice of those birds that stop, and instead of flying on, build a nest and stay. I welcome that and invite others to do the same in Baltimore.

–Steven Gondol, Executive Director

A Message from Live Baltimore’s President of the Board

Stacie Tobin, President of the Board

As Live Baltimore was preparing last year to celebrate its 16th anniversary, a friend asked me, “But what does Live Baltimore do? And why should I care? I already live here.” Her questions made me realize that as an organization, we have much work to do to inform people about Live Baltimore’s mission, our work, and its impact on both future and current city residents.

Live Baltimore’s mission is to accelerate Baltimore’s growth by promoting the city as a great place to live and accentuating its thriving neighborhoods. To achieve that, a few words about what we do.

Live Baltimore works to raise the profile of Baltimore as a great place to live through the “I love city life” campaign and the “Balti-MORE” regional advertising campaign that launched this year on billboards, print media, and other signage. Pieces of the campaign, which featured actual Baltimore City residents, can be seen in the pages of this report, and response to it has been overwhelmingly favorable — as a welcome and factual response to the negative imagery that fictional media use to depict our city.

We support the Mayor’s initiative to grow the city by 10,000 families. Our “Way to Stay” campaign helps educate young families that already live in the City about their options for schools, recreation, single-family homes and other conveniences of city life that make urban living a great choice for families. We work with the Collegetown Network to attract and retain recent college graduates, introducing them to rental options and lifestyles that are particularly attractive to millennials. We help renters become homebuyers by introducing them to the great financial incentives for first-time and other homebuyers. We invite “empty nesters” to come back. And we are working to expand Live Baltimore’s services to the increasing immigrant community by promoting our bilingual website and developing events that are accessible to all.

Live Baltimore is working with our corporate community because there is great strength when employees live and work in the same community. The Live Near Your Work program allows employers, with a match from the City, to give employees assistance of up to $36,000 toward a first-time home purchase near their place of employment. We work with companies to share our expansive knowledge of city living, developing for participating employers the kits, presentations and other custom products that can help them recruit, relocate, and retain employees.

Finally, Live Baltimore works to make happy and educated homebuyers. Our free Six O’Clock Sessions deliver helpful guidance on aspects of the home-buying process. Our City Living Starts Here tours introduce prospective residents to Baltimore neighborhoods that they might not otherwise think to consider. The bi-annual Buying Into Baltimore events combine both—educational seminars and guided tours of neighborhoods and homes for sale, plus event booths by our real estate, lending, and community partners.

At Live Baltimore, we envision Baltimore City as a fast-growing, diverse and vibrant urban hub that people choose to call home. The pages of this Annual Report begin to explain the steps we are taking to make the vision a reality. We hope that whether you are a current or future city resident, you will share our vision, spread its word, and join us in building a better Baltimore.

–Stacie Tobin, President of the Board

A Year of Growth

Buying into Baltimore City Living Fair

2014 was a banner year for Baltimore City and Live Baltimore reveled in all of its excitement—from school construction to the development of new living spaces, and especially in preparations for the culmination of the two-year celebration of Baltimore’s role in the War of 1812. With one of the largest historical events honoring our city set to take place outside many of our front doors, Baltimore City was on the national stage and we took the opportunity to influence the way people see and hear about our communities.

Rooted in research, first-hand experience, and deep understanding, Live Baltimore made significant headway toward accelerating population growth and showing off our city’s successes. We were ready for conversations with corporations, and we’ve helped them grow by supporting and enhancing their Live Near Your Work programs. We worked with City Schools to open their doors and share their achievements, showing growing families options and opportunities to stay in the city. We propelled current Baltimore City residents to the forefront of our mission and enlisted them on the front lines—and they are sharing the good news about Baltimore in every way imaginable: in person and in their neighborhoods, by email, phone, and on the streets.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of our donors, volunteers, partners, collaborators, and friends—without whom our work would not be possible. From volunteering at our events, to driving around town with a Live Baltimore license plate, referring new residents to us for assistance, or making an annual gift, we appreciate all that you do.


Our Approach in 2014

I Love City Life balloons

Accelerating Baltimore’s opportunities for growth requires a broad understanding of the way the city operates, but perhaps more importantly, it requires building relationships with the people operating within it. In 2014, we continued many of our successful programs while also turning our focus to the future and to collaborations with the partners who are integral to our work.

We deepened connections to our community
The individuals and families who live in Baltimore City are the best examples of passionate advocates and lovers of city life and they are key to our efforts to bring more people to Baltimore. When we launched our newest, neighborhood-based walking tour, City Living Starts Here, we engaged community members to lead the tours and bring prospective city residents through their neighborhoods. These new tours have increased incentive investment potential to half a million dollars. But, the participation and involvement from our neighbors have made the tours a truly priceless experience.
We amplified the voices of our neighbors
Eighty-two Neighborhood Know-It-Alls representing fifty Baltimore neighborhoods joined Live Baltimore’s efforts in 2014 and connected directly with prospective residents to talk about housing, walkability, affordability, and safety. Conversation by conversation, these city ambassadors are changing the way people think about Baltimore and helping us fulfill our mission.
We amplified our own voice
Not only were our city’s current residents heard like never before, they were seen everywhere, too! From billboards (a first for Live Baltimore) to Baltimore Magazine, real city neighbors were featured in our Balti-MORE advertising campaign—exemplifying Baltimore City’s more warm welcomes, more unique families, and more dream homes, while presenting a realistic and positive image of our city.
We went behind the scenes
Families are a vital part of the Baltimore community. In addition to creating the infrastructure to provide interactive family resources on our website and developing outreach efforts to promote our city’s most family-friendly neighborhoods, we brought partners into neighborhood schools to showcase the remarkable changes and upgrades school buildings have undergone and will continue to undergo in coming years.
We got down to business
Increasing the city’s population isn’t only about buying a house and choosing the right school. We worked with Baltimore City’s top employers to provide support and education, ensuring Baltimore’s workforce felt more at home. At the same time, we worked with our partners at Baltimore City Housing to rebrand the city’s Live Near Your Work program. New materials offer employers and employees an attractive, consistent, easy to understand overview of this important incentive.
We celebrated city life
Live Baltimore honored our volunteers, donors, partners, and friends at our Sweet 16 party in March. We never tire of getting to know every feature of our neighborhoods and this event was no exception. Highlighting local restaurants, bakeries, and pastry shops from across the city and sampling their delicious treats, we were determined to find Baltimore’s sweetest neighborhood and share with everyone how “sweet” city life can be.

"What you can’t do in the suburbs is just walk over to your local bakery and eat fresh pastries for breakfast.”

Pastor Mark Parker

Highlighting Our Work

Baltimore: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Mark Parker led a Live Baltimore walking tour through his neighborhood, Highlandtown, on a sunny Saturday morning in June. Later, he sat with his son Luke, 4, and his daughter Sarah, 9 months, as he reflected with us on the experience of having over 100 prospective city residents explore his community.

Mark Parker

While Mark considers the event, Luke eats a pastry from Vargas, a bakery just a few blocks away. Thinking about what makes living in the city so special, Mark notes, “what you can’t do in the suburbs is just walk over to your local bakery and eat fresh pastries for breakfast.”

Mark was born and raised in Baltimore and though he left for a few years, he’s returned to the city and become a bit of a neighborhood celebrity. On June 7, Live Baltimore hosted City Living Starts Here, a new walking tour held four times a year in different neighborhoods across the city. Attendees are accompanied by neighborhood residents as they explore homes, businesses, and amenities.

As a pastor at the Breath of God Lutheran Church and an extraordinarily active community member, Mark both recognizes and is recognized by almost every neighbor his group passed on the tour. When the group passed a school-aged boy walking down the street, Mark called him over by name and asked him to tell the group what he likes most about attending Highlandtown #215, one of two schools in the neighborhood. As the tour kept moving, Mark introduced the group to the head of the school’s Parent Teacher Organization who was out walking with her daughter.

Passing local small business, Rooftop Hot, Mark told the story of the owners of the corner market who were concerned about where their food was coming from and saw a need for local produce. They started growing fruits and vegetables on their roof to provide the neighborhood with fresh, organic options. Recognizing Mark, one of the owners came out to talk to the small crowd that had gathered outside his door.

City Living Starts Here asks people to lace up their shoes and explore Baltimore City neighborhood by neighborhood. It also provides people the opportunity to walk through these neighborhoods side by side with the people who live there, to see communities as they are seen by residents. Mark’s love for his hometown is apparent. He says what we all know, “Baltimore is awesome.”

Highlighting Our Work

Changing the Way We Talk About Baltimore

Britt Olsen-Ecker was one of Live Baltimore’s very first Neighborhood Know-It-Alls. Though she’s not a Baltimore native, in the past 10 years she’s lived here, she’s become an integral part of the Baltimore community and a huge champion for our city. She talks to prospective residents about her neighborhood, Harwood, and the city as a whole.

Brit Olsen-Ecker

“I know that becoming a Neighborhood Know-It-All was right for me because I’ve lived so many places in Baltimore and I am a transplant who truly loves this city,” Britt gushes. Neighborhood Know-It-Alls come from all corners of the city and create profiles on Live Baltimore’s website. They can be Baltimore born and raised or transplants like Britt. They are available to be contacted by phone, email, or through Live Baltimore’s website, to talk about where they live.

When discussing neighborhoods, Britt has found that “honesty is key. Baltimore is a real place, not a cookie cutter city. This often reassures people in their searching and gives them a clearer idea of where they may want to live. [Neighborhood Know-It-Alls] will tell people the ins and outs of the neighborhood, great coffee shops to visit, how far the grocery store is, and what kind of walk it is to get there.”

Those who contact Neighborhood Know-It-Alls value the personal stories and “insider-information” they receive. This special touch is changing the way people see Baltimore. While researching places to move with his family, Andrew Higgins (who wanted to learn about shops, restaurants, the best places to look for housing, affordability, and above all, safety) reached out to two Neighborhood Know-It-Alls living in Hampden.

“Our greatest attraction was living in a walkable, urban community with a rich architectural and cultural history, as well as proximity to things we like to do in off-time that we wouldn’t have to drive to,” said Andrew. “We’ve never been to Baltimore and our only reputation gathered of the city is consistently negative from national media.”

Britt and more than 100 other Neighborhood Know-It-Alls are altering this perception, simply by sharing their own experiences. As Andrew learned about the city through Live Baltimore’s Neighborhood Know-It-Alls, he was encouraged, saying: “If they feel safe, then I am comfortable with my wife and two young boys there.”

Making sure the voices of our residents are heard and providing them a platform from which to share their own experiences is vital to showing off the best parts of Baltimore. We know that the individuals and families living in here are often the best people to talk to about life in the city. What would you tell someone who was considering moving to your neighborhood? Become a Neighborhood Know-It-All and share your stories.

"Baltimore is a real place, not a cookie cutter city.”

Britt Olsen-Ecker

"To see so many great improvements being made, it can only have a positive impact on the neighborhoods surrounding these schools.”

June Piper-Brandon

Highlighting Our Work

The Advantage of Education

In the summer of 2014, Live Baltimore took partners on a tour of our public schools in order to highlight the exciting developments taking shape in Baltimore City education.

Live Baltimore works with real estate agents because we know how important it is to have professional partners who understand the particulars when it comes to financial incentives, property taxes, tax credits, and other aspects of city living that vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. With increasing interest in city living from families, it is especially important for these agents to understand how to navigate educational choices in the city.

June Piper-Brandon has been a real estate agent with Live Baltimore for 15 years. She appreciated the behind the scenes view of the progress that’s been made in the schools and shared what it means to her as an agent selling homes in the city. “It was great to see so many strides being made in education in the City of Baltimore,” she shared. “I know, personally, one of the biggest worries families have about buying in Baltimore City is the quality of the education and to see so many great improvements being made, it can only have a positive impact on the neighborhoods surrounding these schools. Having Live Baltimore highlight some of these great improvements to its membership gives us an added advantage over our competition too and allows Live Baltimore agents to be the agents of choice for families moving to Baltimore.”

Live Baltimore’s focus on schools is but one facet of our family retention campaign, which will provide families with a veritable roadmap of family resources in Baltimore City. Starting with the “gatekeepers to home ownership,” our real estate agents, we’re working to ensure prospective residents are presented with an accurate picture of urban education rather than an outdated one.


Live Baltimore served 7,414 individuals in Fiscal Year 2014.

Measuring Our Success

Individuals Served

Individuals served 2013
Individuals served 2014

Our focus on reaching new individuals was evident in 2014, with 60% of all customers working with us for the first time.

*Please note that our customer data collection methods changed between FY 2013 and FY 2014, making direct year-to-year comparison difficult.

A 2014 snapshot of our interactions with current and prospective residents:

  • 4,418 individuals created a new profile on our website
  • 56 individuals/couples sat down with a staff member for a one-on-one conversation
  • 1,131 individuals attended an event:
    • 262 attended a Six O’Clock Session
    • 245 attended a City Living Starts Here Tour
    • 799 attended Buying Into Baltimore

Our Customers' Demographics
in FY 2014

Live Baltimore worked with a diverse audience of current and prospective residents in 2014. Our work touched individuals in every age bracket, from each of the city’s major racial categories, and from a broad spectrum of incomes.


71% of clients in 2013 were female


Racial breakdown of clients


Age breakdown of clients

Marital Status:

Age breakdown of clients


Our clients' income in 2013
City Living Fair partner

Where did our customers come from in FY 2014?

56% of clients from Baltimore
  • 57% of the individuals we assisted lived in Baltimore City at the time they contacted us.
  • Roughly 15% were from outside the state of Maryland, including residents from 45 additional states. (Only Arkansas, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Wyoming representatives were absent among our customers.)

Live Baltimore customers helped drive over $94.8 million in total home sales, across 119 distinct Baltimore City neighborhoods.

Our Customers' Home Purchases

Live Baltimore home tour

In the first year of ownership alone, properties purchased in 2014 by Live Baltimore customers will generate nearly $4.2 million in transfer, recordation, and city property tax revenues.

Where did our customers purchase homes?

Baltimore City neighborhoods map showing where customers purchased homes

Home sales in dollars

$210,000 of property tax revenue was generated from June 2013 and September 2012 Buying into Baltimore incentive awardees

As in years past, our customers included many incentive award recipients. In 2014, Live Baltimore helped to directly facilitate 76 downpayment and closing cost awards to homebuyers, through Buying Into Baltimore and City Living Starts Here events, for a total of $361,000 in combined incentive assistance.

Highlighting Our Work

Neighborhood Impact

15 houses; 10 of them are colored to represent Live Baltimore home sales

Live Baltimore customers' home purchases accounted for more than a third of home sales in 11 city neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Percentage of Purchases
by Live Baltimore Customers
Greenmount West 78%
Johnston Square 57%
Glen Oaks 38%
Ednor Gardens - Lakeside 37%
Washington Hill 36%
McElderry Park 33%
Saint Josephs 33%
Hillen 33%
Moravia Walther 33%
Ridgely's Delight 33%
Uplands 33%

The average purchase price among Live Baltimore customers in 77% of these areas was higher than the overall neighborhood average — showing a positive impact on values in Baltimore's still-rebounding housing market.

Live Baltimore’s marketing and outreach efforts had their greatest impact in Greenmount West, Johnston Square, Glen Oaks, Ednor Gardens-Lakeside, and Washington Hill.


Funding Baltimore's Bright Future


FY 2014 Expenditures

2013 Expenditures

FY 2014 Funding

2013 Funding

Live Baltimore was funded through a variety of sources in 2014, including:

We rely on generous donations from individuals and corporations.
We receive grants from local and regional foundations.
We are under contract with the City of Baltimore to perform residential marking services. We are not a city department or quasi-governmental agency, but work on behalf of the city to help promote homeownership.
Marketing Partnerships
We engage in partnerships with local businesses who believe in our mission and value our connections with residents.
Earned Income
We offer merchandise for sale and charge nominal fees for our incentive-backed outreach events.

Celebrating Sixteen Years

In March 2014, Live Baltimore celebrated 16 years of loving city life with a Sweet 16 party at the 1840s Ballroom. The event brought together hundreds of people who are committed to Baltimore’s bright future.

Sweet 16 party

With a competition to determine Baltimore’s “sweetest” neighborhood, we introduced attendees to 15 of Baltimore City's premier local bakeries, restaurants, and dessert shops that exemplify how “sweet” city living can be.

They brought donuts, cupcakes, cookies, cocoa, and more for guests to sample and the winner, Roy’s of Baltimore, was awarded $500 for community investment. Their win was donated to Waterfront Partnership, which invested the funds in Pierce’s Park—a waterfront green space featuring native plants, natural play areas for children, and original sculptures designed for exploration and fun.

The creativity, energy, and determination of Baltimore City’s neighborhoods is at the heart of Live Baltimore’s work and we are committed to shining a light on everything that makes living in Baltimore a reason to celebrate. Over $47,000 was raised to support Live Baltimore’s mission through our Sweet 16 event.

Baltimore's Sweet Spots

  • Dessert Fantasies, Locust Point
  • Diablo Doughnuts, Mount Vernon
  • Dominion Ice Cream, Charles Village
  • Dooby's, Mount Vernon
  • Gifford's Ice Cream, Original Northwood
  • Hamilton Bakery, Hamilton Hills
  • Kinderhook Snacks, Old Goucher
  • La Scala Ristorante Italiano, Little Italy
  • LaMILL Coffee, Inner Harbor
  • McCormick World of Flavors, Inner Harbor
  • Patisserie Poupon, Jonestown
  • Piedigrotta, Little Italy
  • Roy's, Inner Harbor
  • Sweet 27 Café, Remington
  • The Charmery, Charles Village

Food and Drink Sponsors

  • Baltimore Washington Beer Works
  • Elaine's Brown Sugar
  • Full Tilt Brewing
  • Mouth Party
  • Public Works Ale
  • Reliable Churchill
  • Zeke's Coffee

Media Sponsors

  • Baltimore Brew
  • Baltimore Fishbowl
  • Baltimore Magazine
  • Baltimore Style
  • The Baltimore Business Journal
  • The Daily Record
  • WYPR


We look forward to growing with you in 2015.

The Road Ahead

2014 was a year of action, setting the stage for even more to come at Live Baltimore in 2015. As we begin our new fiscal year, we’re building on programs summarized in the preceding pages while preparing to launch additional new initiatives.

Deeper Data
With our new customer relationship management system fully functional, we have made incredible strides in information collection and analysis. Our continued use of new technology will provide an even deeper understanding of our influence in FY 2015, enabling us to stay grounded in the data-driven strategies that maximize our resources and impact.
Updated Awards Procedure
Focusing on the feedback we’ve received from incentive event attendees, we’ll work with our partners at Baltimore City Housing to make homebuying awards even more accessible to all audiences. FY 2015 events will see a new incentive redemption process and, for the first time, incentive applications will be collected in our Live Baltimore Home Center. Through these new procedures, we’ll extend the reach of our personalized customer service, while offering additional assistance to homebuyers.
New Resources for Families
Over the past year, we’ve spoken with city families, parent groups, school leaders, and educational experts—seeking to enhance our own expertise in the needs of residents with children. Through continued backing from the Goldseker Foundation, we’re poised to unveil “Way to Stay:” a marketing campaign aimed at supporting and retaining city families. Website and collateral development is already underway, with a planned launch in early 2015.
Targeted Outreach
With a continued focus on the primary audiences outlined in our 2013 strategic plan, work in FY 2015 will focus on further increasing interactions with diverse and immigrant populations. Through partnerships with the International Rescue Committee, Southeast CDC, and the Mayor's Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs, we will facilitate multi-lingual neighborhood tours and improve translated collateral, while continuing to promote the multi-lingual features already present in our website.
Resident Retention Initiatives
FY 2015 will see the debut of Baltimore’s new Resident Retention Tax Credit, offered to second-time Baltimore City buyers. Live Baltimore will lead the charge in spreading news of this incentive to current city residents, with a goal of seeing initial funding fully utilized in its first year.

Live Baltimore Supporters

Thank you to our FY 2014 individual, corporate, and foundation supporters.

I got involved with Live Baltimore in the early 2000s after moving back to Baltimore City in 2000. I think the first thing I did was buy a Live Baltimore license plate for each of our cars. My husband and I had decided we really wanted to move back to Baltimore and when we did I wanted to let people know I really liked the city and the license plate was a good way to do that.”

Donna Fokemer


  • The Abell Foundation
  • Pres Adams
  • Patricia Adams
  • Stephanie Austin
  • Lenora Baker
  • Carolyn & Allen Baron
  • David & Nancy Blois
  • Carolyn & John Boitnott
  • Amy Bonitz
  • David Borinsky
  • Olga Maltseva Brillman & Scott Brillman
  • Jay Brodie
  • Paul Brophy
  • Anthony & Eleanor Carey
  • Karen Carrington
  • William Cassidy
  • Amina Chaudhry
  • Dawna Cobb & Paul Hulleberg
  • Kristen Cooper
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  • Anna Custer-Singh & Abhi Singh
  • Sonjie DeCaires
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  • Wendy Elover
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  • Meg Fielding
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  • Kirby Fowler
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  • Carol & Mel Freeman
  • Julia French
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  • Matthew Gallagher
  • Marisa Vilardo & Steven Gondol
  • Matt & Summer Gonter
  • Paul Graziano
  • Luanne Greene
  • Ronald Griffin & Shaun Carrick
  • Steven Haddad & Tiffany del Cid
  • Eben Hansel & Brooke Lierman
  • Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc.
  • Lindsey Henley & Eli Breitburg-Smith
  • Sandra Holmes
  • Carol Hylton
  • Claire Johnson
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  • Angelina Jones
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  • Ashley Wallace
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  • Susan Williams
  • Michael Wilmore
  • Sean Worrall

We would like to thank donors who gave in multiple ways this year (marked with a ) as well as those who wish to remain anonymous.

Driving Live Baltimore’s mission through the streets of Baltimore City and beyond: an extra special thank you goes out to those who purchased “I City Life” license plates this year!

  • Tegan Baumann
  • Lauren Berry
  • Moses Isaiah Chappell
  • Veronica Harris
  • William Konowal
  • Charles Mansfield Jr.
  • Elizabeth Newell
  • Rochelle Skipper

Corporate and Foundation Supporters

  • AEGON/Transamerica Foundation
  • AJ Billig and Co., Auctioneers
  • American Trading & Production Company (ATAPCO)
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • GiveCorps Foundation
  • John J. Leidy Foundation
  • M&T Charitable Foundation
  • The Goldseker Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Foundation

"At the Johns Hopkins University, we are invested in the Baltimore community and committed to its bright future. We know that creating great neighborhoods and a magnificent city demands a collaborative and strategic approach, directed by highly skilled, innovative, and passionate leaders. Since 2000, Live Baltimore has played an important role in Johns Hopkins’ actions to serve our employees and grow Baltimore’s population. Live Baltimore has consistently delivered cost effective PR value and served as a regular resource for information. Their dynamic approach to promoting Baltimore City as a great place is a true asset to Johns Hopkins.”

Salem Reiner, Johns Hopkins University

Sweet 16 Sponsors

  • 1st Mariner Bank
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  • The Johns Hopkins University
  • The University of Baltimore, Merrick School of Business
  • Transamerica Life Insurance Company
  • Venable LLP
  • Ziger/Snead, LLP

Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. If we have inadvertently omitted your name or listed it incorrectly, please accept our apologies and notify us of the error.

Your support for Live Baltimore is an investment in the health and success of Baltimore City — and us all.

Live Baltimore


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Steven Gondol
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Julie French
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Lindsey Henley
Employer Outreach Manager
Liz Koontz
Marketing Director
Annie Milli
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Katie Schroeder

FY 2014 Board of Directors

Stacie Tobin
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Cohn Reznick
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Immediate Past President
Darlene Brannigan Smith, Ph.D.
Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore
  • Pres Adams, Impact Hub Baltimore
  • Eric Fenton, The Bozzuto Group *
  • Ned Filipovitz, Transamerica
  • MacKenzie Garvin, Baltimore City Mayor’s Office
  • Venroy July, Hogan Lovells US LLP
  • Susan B. Katz, Susan Katz Advantage
  • Laurie Latuda Kinkel, Goldseker Foundation
  • Kristen Campbell McGuire, Baltimore Collegetown Network
  • Jennifer Mielke, Johns Hopkins University*
  • Ramal Moreland, M&T Bank
  • Stephen Ruckman, Federal Communications Commission
  • Jennifer Blois Vitelkites, Ernst & Young LLP

* Term started in FY 2015

This report was compiled by Live Baltimore and reflects Fiscal Year 2014 (July 2013–June 2014). Live Baltimore is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Maryland. A copy of our current financial statement is available upon request from our office. Financial documents and information about Live Baltimore submitted to the State of Maryland under the Maryland Charitable Solicitations Act are available from the Office of the Secretary of State for the cost of copying and postage. Copies of our federal tax returns (known as Form 990) may be found at

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